Artist:   Nan Madol

Om artisten:

Hailing from the cold viking lands of Norway, NAN MADOL was formed in 2006. Musically the band sites such varied inspirational sources as Norwegian progressive metal kings Enslaved, Swedish brothers in arms Opeth and progressive jazz pioneer Bo Hanson with a pinch of British author Graham Hancock to boot. In 2015 this gave birth to their debut concept album “Feathered Serpent”, which was recorded and mixed by Alex Møklebust (Seigmen) and mastered at Propeller Mastering by Chris Sansom. Sonicly the album stands on the shoulders of giants such as TOOL and Mastodon, combining bone crushing riffs with pleasing velvet soundscapes. Shortly after releasing the album NAN MADOL produced a theatrical version of the concept album’s vision, filling the venue to the brim for four consequtive shows in three days. NAN MADOL are hungry for more, and will be focusing on live performances of “Feathered Serpent” during 2017/2018 before going back to the studio for their follow up album.

Nasjonalitet: Norsk
Sjanger: Rock
Lydfil: 07-_sundown.mp3
Tidligere Jobber:

2008 –  2016

Revårock-festivalen i Re
Bekkefaret-festivalen i Re (x2)
Maskinistenes Hus (Tønsberg)
Total Utested (Tønsberg) x4
Skuret (Oslo)
Teknikeren (Horten)

2017 (Så langt…)

Total Utested (Tønsberg) x3
Norbikers Metal Club (Oslo)


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